I read two recent articles in a security newsletter about churches that had been burglarized.   Four churches in the same area in central Pennsylvania have been burglarized in just over one week.  And a church in Memphis had the misfortunate of being broken into three times in one month.  The churches were different in denomination, demographics, and geographics, but their pastors, staff and congregation members all shared some common characteristics.

All interviewed in the articles expressed fear, and how they felt violated.  The pastor at the church in Memphis said that they felt somewhat invincible; they believed that people wouldn't have the gall to break into a church. From talking with pastors and church staff members, it is common for churches to believe that "it's not going to happen here." Well, it ain't necessarily so - especially for this church in Memphis who had it happen three times in less than one month.

Unfortunately, most churches today don't think that something like that is ever going to happen to them.  They believe that Lord will protect them.  As Christians, we do know that the Lord watches over His children, and I like to think that He pays a little bit more attention to His churches.  But at the same time, the Lord gives us the ability to think, and to reason, and to figure things out.  The Lord has told us repeatedly through the scriptures to be prepared and to plan ahead, and that's what churches must do.  Proverbs 22:3 tells us to "forsee danger and plan ahead." We don't have to look very far to be able to see danger that is around us today.  Good Shepherd Security Consulting can help you plan and be prepared so you can Worship Without Worry.