Good Shepherd Security Consulting can help you Worship Without Worry

About Us

Good Shepherd Security Consulting is a Christian business in Louisville, KY that has been called into ministry to help ensure that our churches remain a safe environment for worship.

The start of the 21st century began to show an upward trend of both random and premeditated violence against churches, synagogues and other potentially controversial organizations. Make certain your church is protected and prepared while continuing to worship and serve the Lord.

The recent devastating tornadoes in southern Indiana and eastern Kentucky and in Oklahoma has moved disaster preparedness to the forefront. Even the Department of Homeland Security acknowledges that churches need to prepare and plan with their release of the"Guide for Developing High-Quality Emergency Operating Plans for Houses of Worship."  Good Shepherd Security Consulting will help your church take a proactive and serious approach to safety and church security while maintaining an inviting atmosphere.  With our help, your church can worship without worry.



We will help you to make church a safer experience for pastors, staff and congregations by developing safety and security plans and procedures.  No plans can foresee or deter all risks, but we will give you ideas and suggestions that will help your church and congregation be safe and prepared.

We do not provide security guard service, sell video surveillance equipment, alarm systems or any other items.  We only provide a consulting service, allowing you to choose vendors or seek volunteer help from church members.  

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Our Commitment

Good Shepherd Security Consulting, LLC (GSSC) recognizes that a house of worship is a unique environment that requires a balanced approach of providing a safe and secure worship experience while maintaining the church's integrity and overall mission.


"Carla Puckett has a keen understanding on the balance necessary in church security. As pastor, I want our people to be secure, but I don't want our people to be bothered by our security personnel as they worship. It is a fine line that Carla has helped us define and she understands a pastor's perspective on this issue." -- Rev. Rusty Ellison, Pastor, Walnut Street Baptist Church, Louisville, KY


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