It is my sincere pleasure to write on behalf of Carla Puckett.  I have known Carla for almost twenty years, having served as her pastor.  As her pastor, I also had the privilege of watching her work in the midst of our security personnel since we started that ministry at Walnut Street Baptist Church.  Based on my experience working with Carla, I can make the following observations with confidence: 

1. Carla is one of our most effective lay people, reliably and consistently serving as head of our security team.  I have never known Carla to miss an assignment or even be tardy.  She is very conscientious in the work she does and has played a significant part in this area of our ministry.

2. Carla has a keen understanding of the balance necessary in church security.  As a pastor, I want our congregation to be secure, but I don't want the people to be bothered by our security personnel as they worship.  It is a fine line that Carla has helped us define and she understands a pastor's perspective on this issue. 

3. Carla is a woman of character and integrity.  She is honest and trustworthy to the point I would trust her to fulfill any responsibility she willingly accepted. 

In summary, Carla Puckett is one of our outstanding women who make the church work well.  I truly know nothing in her life or background which would prevent her from effectively carrying out any task she undertakes.  her interest and passion on church security matters is exemplary, and she will make a great addition to any project or team she joins. 

Rusty Ellison,  former Pastor, Walnut Street Baptist Church

Every group whether it’s a church, school, or any public entity must consider serious security planning. While many believe nothing will ever happen, today’s daily news proves terroristic events are happening more and more.

Good Shepherd Security from Louisville, Kentucky can help you in assessing and developing your church plan of action. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A small amount of planning could have save numerous lives in previous attacks that have occurred.

Carla Puckett is the founder of Good Shepherd and I have visibly seen the attention and care that goes into the weekly church security in place at Walnut Street Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. Glenn Mollete, National Syndicated Columnist and President, Newburgh Theological Seminary 

Walnut Street Baptist Church, an inner city congregation with a 200 year history of spreading the gospel from the heart of downtown Louisville, has perhaps the longest continuously running television ministry in the United States. As deacons, we have a tremendous concern for both the health and security of our church members. 

Carla has been instrumental in refining and vastly expanding the security and communication system in place at Walnut Street over the past ten years.  As family doctors who help our congregation when issues arise, we now have the confidence that needs inside the building can be communicated swiftly, EMS services mobilized in a timely manner when necessary, and that the health and safety of our members are prayerfully and completely addressed. 

Our television broadcast makes us a potential target in this era of crime and terrorism.  While we believe that the Lord has a plan for our continued ministry in the urban setting, we also believe that He expects us to use our resources in an intelligent manner.  As a member of our church, Carla is a willing worker, who brings her own special expertise to our church body.  Good Shepherd Security Consulting is a natural outgrowth of Carla's use of her special gifts and talents for the Kingdom.  We are grateful for her. 

Patricia Wheeler, M.D and Stephen Wheeler, M.D. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Carla Puckett for the last several years. She is the Chair of the Walnut Street Baptist Church (WSBC) Security Committee. Carla has shown her leadership skills and ability to write security plans. As the owner of The Good Shepherd Security Consulting firm she has been the leader of WSBCs security efforts.

In addition to her planning skills Carla is a fine human being and a dedicated church member.  I can highly recommend her and I am sure she will do a fine job for you. I can be reached at (502) 594-5828 if you have any questions.

Col. A.J. Bud Fekete, Deputy Chief Ret. Louisville Fire and Rescue

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