Nothing's Going To Happen To Us At Church, Right? 

Here's some recent articles about crimes and emergency situations that occurred at churches who thought nothing like that would ever happen to them

The congregation took matters into their own hands

Congregants hogtied gunman to thwart more bloodshed in California church shooting: What we know (

Something for churches to think about right now

Fist bumping for Jesus might become the new thing at churches this spring

". . . we can be prepared like this church was."

The Bible tells us to plan and prepare

"If you see something, say something" helped save a lot of lives

Security measures do help

Churches need to keep their guard up even during prayer time

Churches on this side of the pond could learn from this

This church needs to re-think their security and safety plans and procedures

Evil did not win!!

You must be observant as a child of God

You even have to be aware during prayer

Something tells me that the church didn't do a background check on this monster

Be prepared, not afraid

Would your church members know what to do if this happened?

Churches should have security at every event they have

I wonder if the church did a background check on this volunteer?

One church robbery is bad enough, but twenty churches being hit???

You'd think a priest praying at the alter would be safe

We need a bill like this passed in every state in the country

Churches need to be ready when the wolf is at the door

Is your church ready for a catastrophic incident like Hurricane Florence?

Yep, it happens right here in Louisville

Churches need to learn how to help in a crisis,79307

Good for the security measures in place at this church in Egypt

The article doesn't mention one word about the church's security team, or lack of.

Violence can happen outside of the church, too

There's always room for additional security measures

A police car belonging to an off-duty officer on patrol at the church might have deterred the thugs

This church has the right approach to keeping the kids safe in the nursery

This church was robbed four times in one week!

All church treasurers are trustworthy, right?

After three robberies, you'd think this church would have learned

Catholic churches realize a need for church security

All Churches should be concerned about violence in the church

Churches that lock doors are shrewd, not rude

This church was robbed before they had even been able to move into their new facility

I'm afraid this is just the tip of the iceberg

Good for this church, too!

Good for this church!

This is why Good Shepherd Security Consulting recommends having security monitors in the sanctuary to watch for any suspicious activity

Good Shepherd Security Consulting could help this church in the United Kingdom

Here's one way to make sure the church and congregation are safe and secure

Here in the U.S. with our separation of church and state, it looks like it's going to be up to the churches to keep themselves safe

This isn't a separation of church and state, but the churches in China should be glad the government is concerned about their safety

Catholic or Protestant, all churches need to keep their offerings safe and secure

Yes, God does protect, but God gave us minds and skills that will help us protect ourselves in a lot of situations, and He expects us to use those gifts to keep churches safe and able to do their good work

There's other things this church can do to keep their congregation safe besides just hiring security guards

11 out of these top 15 concerns in children's' ministries have to do with the security and safety of the children

If churches are going to help the homeless and others in need in their area, they need to take the proper security and safety measures.  Like it or not, they are liable.

Thank goodness the Pastor realizes that there needs to be a balance between maintaining a welcome atmosphere and keeping the church and its people safe

Contact us today and we can get your church as safe and secure as First Baptist Church of Gainesville

I wish more churches felt this way

Once again, church members think "nothing like that is going to happen here, especially during a church service"

Is your church ready to handle protestors or terrorists?

Another pastor shot and killed

I disagree - churches don't have to become like prisons in order to be safe

This could have been prevented, too

This could have been prevented

Even churches in Great Britain are taking security measures to stay safe


Cameras are a good start, but this church needs other plans and procedures in place


Even if your church isn't in Tornado Alley, you still need to plan and be prepared


God's not the only one watching you


So local churches, you think something is never going to happen at your church here in Louisville?


Using an innocent child to steal a preacher's wallet from the church


This is the reason that background checks are needed for staff and volunteers at churches


Church shootings cause pastors to reevaluate security


Abilene congregations realize the need for security; deacons and others are urged to simply "be aware"


Six worshippers dead, two other critically injured in shooting at Wisconsin Sikh temple


There are simple things churches can do to become safer and more secure


Churches "have to be ready"


Churches must take precautions to protect children regardless


Churches should make sure their insurance policies offer enough coverage if the church has to be rebuilt after a disaster


Another reason why churches need to screen workers and conduct background checks on volunteers


Churches can learn from the Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky scandal by protecting children


Cars broken into during church services maybe wouldn't have happened if the churches had a monitor or security team member in the parking lots


A man who was helping a Tennessee church renovate a building also helped himself in a copper theft scam


FBI and DHS warned faith-based organizations in the United States and U.S. embassies abroad that the risk of violence could increase both at home and abroad as an anti-Islam film continues to gain attention


The times have changed, and churches need to change, also


Churches need to prepare for tragedies


Ushers tackle a would-be purse snatcher during communion


Two men shot, two killed, in a shooting at a homeowners' association meeting held in a church


Thieves steal almost $50,000 from the offering at  Orlando, Florida's biggest church


Churches try to stop child sexual abuse


Virgina church vows to step up security after being vandalized


Church in San Jose has $25,000 worth of musical instruments stolen; they said they relied heavily on trust and not on security


If these churches had security monitors in their buildings, maybe this wouldn't have happened


Churches in Nigeria are responding to keep their members safe and secure amid all of the violence


Opryland Hotel makes sure everyone is safe and secure at AME convention


Historic Santa Fe church hit twice in one week,0,3452661.story


Insurance company drops church after repeated copper thefts


Of course this church hasn't worried about security, until now when they were burglarized


Yet another example of why churches, temples and synagogues should prepare and plan, and have a security and safety commiittee


A Colorado church is proactive and preparing for emergencies by implementing a fire plan

More than 40 southern Indiana churches have been burglarized in recent weeks


Internet surfers are more likely to get a computer virus from a church website than they are from porn sites


Serial break-ins at Hutchinson, Kansas churches


Yet ANOTHER church is hit multiple times before they realize they need to do something to deter the crime


Pastors realize they need training to handle church violence


Churches can't put a price on peace of mind


Church websites - even the Vatican's - can get hacked as easily as any website,0,3722815.story


Churches are finally realizing they are not immune to crime


Two thugs invade a church's preschool building


Pair of thieves caught thanks to security cameras in the church


Maryland church installs cameras and a security system after repeated vandalism - better late than never


4 cars set on fire in a Georgia church parking lot


Burglars hit churches in over 40 Indiana communities


A homeless woman confesses to shooting and killing a pastor


A pastor was shot and killed during a church service


A pastor's mother was shot and killed during a church service


A pastor was shot and killed outside of a home he was visiting


This woman didn't think her phone and $400 in cash would be stolen from her purse while she was in the worship service on Mother's Day


Churches are wanting to know more about security


A man with a shotgun enters the church and is disarmed by members of the congregation


A church choir was robbed at gunpoint in the middle of their choir practice


Man accused of shooting his wife first and then two pastors at a church


Man accused of stealing money from a church after allegedly burglarizing the pastor's home


The FBI anticipates terrorist attacks on soft targets, and that includes churches


Four crimes against one church in less than a year


Update - make that FIVE crimes against one church in less a year


Crimes against churches are on the rise


Crimes against churches are up 44 percent


Many churches don't think they're at risk for crime


Sheriff helps churches with crime prevention


Three break-ins in one week at a St. Louis church


Man wearing a disguise steals purses in a Ft. Worth church



Serial break-ins in Denver churches


Break-ins at Roanoke churches


 Yet another church that has been burglarized multiple times


Four churches in the same area in Pennsylvania are burglarized within one week



















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